Why I Fell In Love With Cooking

food-marketI can always remember loving food. From the days as a young girl when I would spend my time with my Mum or Grandma in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. There is something special about passing on recipes and special tips to future generations.

Now, when I cook up my Grandma’s favourite food (Spaghetti Bolognese!) I always think of her and the time we spent making it, and then eating it,¬†at her cute little kitchen table. We would start by going shopping together to the local market where we would buy all the ingredients (Gran would also usually treat me to something from the sweet stall!) It was our ritual – our time together. I can remember being in awe of all those fresh foods lined up on the stalls. Every kind of fruit, vegetable or meat you could think of.

We would bring it all back to her house and set to work in the kitchen to create her favourite meal. I always remember the first time I was allowed to chop the red peppers up with a sharp knife! I was so proud that I was grown up and trusted enough to do such a job! I’m sure my Grandma and Mum were silently praying I wouldn’t get distracted ūüôā

But it’s these kind of skills that have taught me from a young age to be able to create meals from a handful¬†of ingredients bought at the local market. The skill I wasn’t so happy about learning was the washing up! Back in the day before dishwashers were the norm we would all have to dig in and help with washing the dishes. I don’t deny the first time I done the washing up it was fun. The bubbles and the warm water. But the novelty soon wore off!

It was during these times that I used to get to really chat to my Grandma. We got to really know each other as we stood side by side in the kitchen, cooking up our favourite foods.

And it wasn’t just Spaghetti Bolognese that we used to make. My Grandma also had quite¬†the sweet tooth and we would often make a¬†few¬†batches of flapjacks¬†and chocolate chip cookies. Flapjacks are still¬†my favourite go to quick bake.¬†If you put the right amount of Golden Syrup in them they are the perfect¬†energy booster. Deliciously gooey.

As I grew up my Grandma would introduce me to more and more methods of cooking. We would make all sorts. Soup, casseroles, roast dinners, pies, bread Рeven jam. I hope to share some of those recipes and cooking methods with you here on this blog.

That knowledge and experience from such a young age has taught me how to feed myself and not rely on picking up supermarket pre packed foods.

But most of all, the reason I fell in love with cooking was because of the quality time I got to spend with my Grandma. I have magical memories of licking out the cake mix from the bowl, my Grandma pretending she hadn’t spotted me doing it! We got to spend some incredible time together. When I have children of my own I really hope to create that same bond with them. And keep passing those recipes on to the next generation!

My next post will be that very Spaghetti Bolognese recipe we used to cook together!

Do you have any special childhood memories of cooking? Any recipes you still make now? Let me know in the comments!

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